The Bessarabian Nights

           (Les Nuits de Bessarabie)
                               An inspired evening of historic klezmer music from Eastern
                                  Europe  -  a celebration of the virtuoso traveling from
                                    village to village at the turn-of-the-century.
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The Bessarabian Nights
(Les Nuits de Bessarabie)
Bulgarish II
Skocne II
3 Hassidic Niguns
2 Husidls
Tzum Tisch
Les Virtuoses Romantiques
Florin Moldoveanu - violin
Aart Rozeboom - clarinet
Dennis Ferry - trumpet
Stéphane Chapuis - accordeon
Cléna Stein - double bass
The colorful paintings of Marc Chagall spring to mind as The Bessarabian Nights recreate the authentic              
sounds of the Jewish "shtetl" in Eastern Europe.  Their repertoire is based on early recordings and on the               
melodies collected by musicologists in the 1920s and 30s.  Lost after World War II, these archives of forgotten        
melodies were discovered only recently in a library in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

This exciting music comes to life once again in the hands of the brilliant musicians of
The Bessarabian Nights,
all soloists in the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, in Geneva, Switzerland.  Their approach to klezmer is a            
powerful blend of intellect and emotion combined with exceptional musical skill.  The listener is guided on a             
thrilling voyage  -  from profound spirituality to wild ecstasy, from the Middle East to Poland, Romania, Bulgaria
and Turkey.

Truly an unforgettable World Music experience!
The Press
 "What a superb voyage! Such life, such intensity, such emotion.  So                   
   many stories unfolding in our minds...
 "The Bessarabian Nights" offered us a magnificent gift!"

 "The listeners joined with these musicians in a splendid moment of                    
  happiness and nostalgia.  There was a real magic of sharing that is so              

 "Rarely has a group of musicians so moved and delighted us!  Such                  
   generosity, intense emotion and magic... Suddenly I saw the canvases             
   of Marc Chagall come alive; their characters began to move.  Now I                  
   see these paintings with an essential dimension that previously eluded             

 "With informative and passionate explanations, Cléna Stein draws the              
  auditor into a deeper understanding of this exotic world.  The                              
   exceptional quality of the performance and the joyous complicity                        
   between the musicians combined for an unforgettable experience!"
The Musicians
Florin Moldoveanu - violin

Florin comes from a long line of gypsy musicians.  He is as
comfortable playing in restaurants as in concert halls.  Born in
Bucarest, he began studying the violin at the age of 7.  Three
years later he won the "Ciprian Porumbescu Competition" and
performed for the first time as a soloist with orchestra.  He continued
his studies at the Lausanne Conservatory in Switzerland, earning a
First Prize and his "Licence de Concert".
Today, Florin is in the first violin section of the Orchestre de la
Suisse Romande and is concertmaster of the Sinfonieta.

Aart Rozeboom - clarinet

When Aart Rozeboom plays klezmer music, he is so enraptured
by these melodies that he feels as though he is re-living a past life.
Originally from Holland, Aart studied at the conservatories of
Masstricht and the Hague.  He was principal clarinet with orchestras
in Germany, Holland and the Netherlands Wind Ensemble.  Now he
is principal of the Orchestre de la Suisse Romance.

Dennis Ferry - trumpet

At a very young age, Dennis played trumpet and drums in the
jazz group of his father, a trumpet player in the United States.
Today, he is principal trumpet of the Orchestre de la Suisse
Romande.  He held this same position in the orchestras of
Rotterdam, Düsseldorf, Jerusalem, and, in addition, for 14 years in
the Colorado Music Festival.  A specialist in baroque music on
period instruments, Dennis plays the natural trumpet with the best
baroque ensembles of the moment such as "Les Arts Florissants",
"La Chapelle Royale", and the "Boston Early Music Festival".  Dennis
records regularly for EMI and Harmonia Mundi France.  His two CDs
as soloist  won wide-spread acclaim.   As a teacher, he has given
Master Classes in the US, Holland and Switzerland.  His publications
include a book on the art of orchestral trumpet and also many
arrangements for brass instruments.

Stéphane Chapuis - accordeon

Stéphane is passionate about everything related to folk music
including the tango (he is a master of the bandoneon!), the music
of the Balkans, Ireland and popular music.  He is a composer, as well
as a professor at the conservatories of Sion and Montreux.

Cléna Stein - double bass, arranger and ethnomusicologist
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